About This Website

About This Website

Who Am I?

Hello, my name is Arda! I'm 25 years old; I live in Boston, Massachusetts.

I have been fascinated with music almost all my life.

I played the drums, bass, piano and now produce and mix music with the help of synthesizers, controllers and DJ sets.

I love to listen and create music.

My favorite music types are tech house, techno, drum and bass, rap, hip-hop and reggae.

Why Did I Open This Website?

I opened this website because when I was first starting out, I actually lost a significant amount of money. I was just too unsure of which device to buy, so I burned my savings.

About two years ago, I met my friend Eric here in Boston who owns a record store. He also has a a section inside on musical instruments.

Thanks to him, I can freely test and experience the music production on almost any device found on the musical instruments market today.

So we should all thank Eric for giving us this opportunity. Without his help, this site would not exist.

I hope you will like my content. I pay a lot of attention to what I publish, so if you have any suggestions please don't hesitate to contact me!

Interested in a Guest Posting Opportunity?

If you are experienced with synthesizers; you might be able to help!

If you would like to contribute this website, just click the link below 🙂

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