About Akai Professional

Company History

Akai was originally founded in 1984.

They entered the electronic music industry with the intention of providing artists with all the tools necessary for them to explore every musical possibility.

You can use Akai products both in studios and on stage.

They are among the most influential manufacturers in the last twenty years.

Founded in 1946, Akai was then named Akai Electro Co.

At that time their headquarters were located in Japan.

Sadly, in the late 2000’s, the company collapsed due to massive debts.

Masukichi Akai and Saburo Akai, who were father and son, were the company founders.

In 1991 Akai left the audio industry.

My Reviews for Akai Products

Akai formed a new company division in 1984 and operated under the name Akai Professional.

The main focus of the division was on manufacturing and selling electronic instruments.

A U.S. company acquired Akai in 1999.

The new name of the company was Akai Professional Musical Instrument Corporation.

Sadly, in 2005 the new company went bankrupt.

AKAI Sales Pte Ltd now owns the Akai brand.

The company’s headquarters are no longer in Tokyo but in Singapore.

Not only does the company develop musical instruments, but they also rebrand electronics that were manufactured by other companies.

The first product Akai released was the MG1212.

It was a twelve-track, twelve-channel recorder which used a cartridge similar to the cartridge of a VHS.

The good thing about the MG1212 was that you could record 12 track recordings for 10 minutes without any problems.

Among notable early products is the Akai AX80 analog eight-voice synth.

Their Mission Statement

Akai puts the needs of their customers ahead of everything else. 

The company aims to keep musicians interested in all that music has to offer by handing them the right tools.

What Makes This Manufacturer Special?

Despite the many problems the company has had, they still remained true to their calling.

They entered the music industry with only one thing in mind; to please the customer.

And they’ve stayed committed to that idea ever since.

Last Words

Akai professional products have remained an important component in popular music, due to their uniqueness.

They remain among the most influential musical equipment manufacturers of the last two decades.

Among their most influential products are audio-tape recorders, tuners, audio cassettes, amplifiers, microphones, and of course synthesizers.

Any company that puts the customer first is worth writing about.

So, of course, they’re on my top five list.

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