How Much Does a Synth Cost?

If you want to buy your very first synthesizer, you’ve probably already browsed the internet for some help.

And, you’re probably more confused now than you were before.

Don’t worry; I’m here to assist you.

Do Synths Have Expensive Price-Tags?

The price of a synthesizer depends on what kind of synth you’re looking for.

Do you want a simple instrument, or do you want one with every possible function you can imagine?

I will help you out by giving you an idea of what the prices might look like for different models of synthesizers.

But first, here is a list of the different types of synthesizers that exist:

  • Analog-Monophonic
  • Analog-Polyphonic
  • Virtual Analog
  • Digital
  • Hybrid
  • (Semi-) Modular

To help you more, I will give you a little information about each of these synth types.


Analog-monophonic synthesizers have been around the longest.

They produce one voice and use less complex analog components.

Here are some examples of the best analog-monophonic synthesizers:


Analog-polyphonic synthesizers can play more than one note without compromising the other voices.

Examples of analog-polyphonic synthesizers:

Virtual Analog

Virtual analog synthesizers can play a large number of voices.

They are also able to store lots of presets, and since they are powered by a microcomputer, they can never go out of tune.

Examples of virtual analog synthesizers:


Digital synthesizers gave musicians the ability to create new and unique sounds.

Examples of digital synths:


Hybrid synthesizers combine analog and digital technology.

They introduced a new method of synthesis.

Examples of hybrid synthesizers:

Modular and Semi-Modular

Modular synthesizers are analog synths which feature each of their individual components in separate units.

They allow you to add or remove modules as much as you like.

Semi-modular synthesizers are a combination of analog-monophonic synths and modular synths.

Examples of modular and semi-modular synths:

To Conclude

Ultimately, the cost depends on the version, make and efficiency of the synthesizer.

They usually range from $300 and up.

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