What Does a Synth Sound Like?

How is Sound Made?

In order for me to explain what a synthesizer sounds like, first I will explain how sound is made.

Sound, in general, is caused by an object that is vibrating, and therefore creating changes in the air pressure.

That air pressure vibrates our eardrums, and we register that as a SOUND.

A synthesizer mimics this process.

So basically, a synthesizer sounds like the synthesized sound of various instruments.

How Does it Work?

A synthesizer looks like a piano and can sound like one.

It can also sound like a guitar, violin, flute, oboe, etc. - whatever you choose.

It pretty much depends on the model.

Their Difference from Portable Pianos

Unlike pianos, synthesizers have knobs and button controls.

These knobs and buttons allow you to change the sounds, mix them, or even divide your keyboard so that it sounds like one instrument in the lower octaves and another instrument in the higher octaves.

Perhaps you’d like to play an A-minor chord that sounds like a violin with your left hand?

Or maybe you’d like a guitar-sounding arpeggio instead?

Why not both?

Also, you can combine two sounds and create new instrument sounds.

To Conclude

At any rate, there are countless ways to mix and match the sounds on a synth.

That’s why synthesizers are my absolute favorite instruments!

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