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Company History

Arturia was founded in 1999 by Frédéric Brun and Gilles Pommereuil.

The company is based in Grenoble (France). Arturia manufactures and designs electronic musical instruments.

Arturia’s main focus is innovation, which the company achieves by integrating new advances in computer music research and technology into all their products.

Arturia develops top-quality instruments and affordable software.

Arturia gained popularity due to the close mirroring of analog synths.

Pommereuil and Brun developed fresh software algorithms so as to create sounds containing the least possible amount of digital artifacts.

With these algorithms, the company worked alongside Robert Moog (the founder of Moog Music) to invent the Modular V Softsynth.

The Softsynth used Arturia’s TAE (True Analogue Emulation) to reproduce the filters, oscillators and other elements from the Moog 55 as well as the Moog 3C.

My Reviews for Arturia Products

In 2009 "Max for Live" was finally announced. Currently, Ableton live has ten versions.

In cooperation with Akai, Ableton created the controller for Live.

With this controller, you have access to everything within the DAW.

The company then continued developing software reproductions of ARP 2600, Minimoog and other well-known synths.

In 2012, Arturia introduced the MiniBrute, an old-school analog synth with 25 keys.

Their synth was first presented at the NAMM show. Because of its affordable price and interesting sound, the MiniBrute sold very well.

In 2013 Arturia made an announcement about their new hardware synth called the MicroBrute. It would be a smaller, more affordable adaptation of the MiniBrute.

In 2018 the MiniBrute 2 was launched.

Their Mission Statement

Arturia aims to provide a unique means of creation for musicians.

The company’s primary focus is innovation.

By integrating new advances in computer music research and technology into all their products, Arturia develops top-notch instruments and affordable software.

What Makes This Manufacturer Special?

What sets Arturia apart from other companies is that Arturia is a company that concentrates all its efforts into providing intuitive instruments.

Customer experience is their number one priority.

They create unique instruments and reinvent vintage products that have been taken off the market.

The most interesting thing about the company is that each of their software synths is a  copy of other synths, pianos, and organs.

You are able to buy them individually or even all together.

Last Words

Arturia is a company focused on the customers’ needs.

By purchasing one of their instruments, you’re sure to have a great experience.

Their instruments have been used to make many hit soundtracks and records.

They provide innovative yet easy-to-use products. I definitely love their whole concept.

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