About Korg

Company History

Ever since it was founded back in August 1963, Korg has been one of the top musical instrument manufacturers in the world.

In addition to that, this multinational corporation also manufactures a number of other music related products such as audio processors, recording equipment, guitar pedals, electronic tuners, etc.

Their main headquarters is located in Japan, and the company maintains a network of distributors in countries all around the globe.

My Reviews for Korg Products

During the 70’s, Korg developed synthesizers suitable for hobbyists and synthesizers intended for professionals.

In the 80’s the company decided to branch out into a new direction: the digital piano category.

KORG’s beginnings were similar to those of other companies: they wanted to improve an idea.

If I may say so myself, they’ve succeeded with flying colors.

Their Mission Statement

Their ultimate goal is to continue improving and upgrading their instruments and accessories.

KORG intends to stay in line with future technology, all the while maintaining their approachable prices.

What Makes This Manufacturer Special?

First of all, KORG is among the most innovative companies out there.

They continue pushing the limit of music technology.

This started ever since the founders decided that the current selection of rhythm machines wasn’t satisfactory.

They’ve created machines that are ideal for musicians who like to experiment with different sounds.

Korg has such an extensive catalog of keyboards that it takes a lot of research to narrow down which one to choose!

In addition to that, they have an impressive selection of amplifiers, effects, percussion and other accessories.

Last Words

KORG products have received many awards and recommendations over the years, most of them from members of the music industry.

It’s safe to say when musicians are searching for innovative products, KORG is their first choice.

With that said, I also give them gold stars for their products.

If you’re looking for a good, quality synthesizer, KORG instruments are the best place to start your search.

High-quality and approachable is how I’d describe KORG instruments and accessories.

And really, what more could you wish for?

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