What is a Synthesizer?

By definition, a synthesizer is an electronic, usually portable, console or module that’s used for creating, modifying, and combining tones.

To put it simply, a synthesizer or synth is an electronic device that can produce a variety of different sounds.

They can produce sounds that imitate other instruments, as well as unique overtones.

What is a Voice Synth?

A voice synthesizer is a device that combines basic sounds in order to copy the speech of a person.

In music, an important voice synthesizer tool is auto-tune.

Auto-tune uses computer software to measure and alter the pitch in vocal and instrumental music recordings.

Originally, it helped mask or correct off-key mistakes. In any case, most singers nowadays rely heavily upon auto-tune.

What Are They Used For?

Synthesizers are mostly used by keyboard players because of the special sounds they can produce.

They are machines that were developed (among other reasons) for the purpose of simplifying the process of making music.

Musicians like the Rolling Stones used synthesizers for experimenting with new sounds.

What Makes Them Important for the Industry?

Nowadays, synthesizers have the ability to record music, provide a wide range of different beats, combine sounds, etc.

Also, a synthesizer is a great instrument to learn if you want to start a career as a musician, or you’d just like to mess around with some interesting sounds and beats.

The possibilities are endless!

To Conclude

A synth uses electronic oscillators in order to create an 'artificial' sound.

Most devices have keyboards and can emulate the sound of existing instruments.

These portable musical keyboards usually have some additional sound processing modules: attack, delay, distortion, and many more.

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