Title: Unleashing Creative Potential: Ableton Push 2 Controller Review Introduction:Welcome to the future of music production with the Ableton Push 2 controller! In this comprehensive review, we’ll explore the features, functionality, and overall user experience of this powerful device that has taken the electronic music production world by storm. Whether you’re a seasoned producer or … Read more

What is a Synthesizer?

By definition, a synthesizer is an electronic, usually portable, console or module that’s used for creating, modifying, and combining tones. To put it simply, a synthesizer or synth is an electronic device that can produce a variety of different sounds. They can produce sounds that imitate other instruments, as well as unique overtones.What is a Voice Synth?A … Read more

The Rise of Lo-Fi Music

You’ve Surely Heard of Lo-Fi Hip-Hop Music Before… Today, music, especially Lo-Fi, is a best friend and a daily companion for people, especially the younger ones. Whether you are riding a train or shopping in the mall, you can see people with headphones walking around. Even at home. Instead of having family conversations, young people … Read more

5 Guaranteed Ways to Get Popular on Soundcloud

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10 Proven Benefits of Listening to Music

Science Proves the Advantages of Music Scientific research has proved that listening to music can be beneficial by improving a person’s physical health and mental well-being. The benefits are seen to go well past the moment because it directly affects a person’s cognitive functions and hormones for a long time after. Here’s a list of … Read more

The History of German Underground Techno

History, Emergence and Popularity Techno music may have had its roots in Detroit’s underground club scene but has evolved into the most popular musical style in Germany. In fact, no other popular genre in the music industry has taken over the German underground scene in the past 20 years as Techno has. It has permeated … Read more

Controllers vs. Synths: The Difference

What is Their Distinction? A common question that most individuals entering the music production scene always ask is the difference between a controller and a synthesizer. Obviously, both are musical instruments but with significant differences in the way they operate. About Controllers A controller, or MIDI controller as they are popularly known, can be a keyboard … Read more