How Do Synthesizers Work?

A synthesizer may look small and modest, but it’s actually one of the best instruments you can imagine. Synthesizers have changed pop music so much since the 70’s.Almost every pop song has a synth sound in it. I was always fascinated by how these small instruments can do so much. Many people wonder about how they actually work, … Read more

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How Much Does a Synth Cost?

If you want to buy your very first synthesizer, you’ve probably already browsed the internet for some help. And, you’re probably more confused now than you were before. Don’t worry; I’m here to assist you.Do Synths Have Expensive Price-Tags?The price of a synthesizer depends on what kind of synth you’re looking for. Do you want a simple instrument, … Read more

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The History of German Underground Techno

History, Emergence and Popularity Techno music may have had its roots in Detroit’s underground club scene but has evolved into the most popular musical style in Germany. In fact, no other popular genre in the music industry has taken over the German underground scene in the past 20 years as Techno has. It has permeated … Read more

Controllers vs. Synths: The Difference

What is Their Distinction? A common question that most individuals entering the music production scene always ask is the difference between a controller and a synthesizer. Obviously, both are musical instruments but with significant differences in the way they operate. About Controllers A controller, or MIDI controller as they are popularly known, can be a keyboard … Read more